#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <AddressBook/AddressBook.h>

@interface AngelaBrett : NSCoder < Sex > { //I'm not a sex object, but I conform to the protocol
	/*please respect my encapsulation, and don't access my instance variables directly.
	Use the methods if you want this class to behave as expected.*/
	NSApplication *brettrix;
	NSApplication *apronyms;
	NSApplication *imageSizer;
	NSApplication *inTheZone;
	NSURL *homePage;
	NSURL *resume;
	NSURL *travelLog;
	NSURL *apronymsWebsite;
	NSURL *oldScientist;
	ABGroup *friends; //I haven't got around to making this display like a real ABGroup yet... the information itself is out ot date too. That's why there is no public method yet.
//ensure by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of economic and social advancement of all peoples -- United Nations Charter
+ (AngelaBrett *)sharedAngelaBrett; //I'm a singleton
- (BOOL)sendEmail; //Opens a blank email to me in the default email client. May throw an ABCannedMeatException
- (NSArray *)photos;
- (NSString *)geekCode;
- (void)aboutBrettrix;
- (void)aboutApronyms;
- (void)aboutImageSizer;
- (void)aboutInTheZone;
- (void)openHomePage;
- (void)openResume;
- (void)openTravelLog;
- (void)openApronymsWebsite;
- (void)openOldScientist;