#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <AddressBook/AddressBook.h>

@interface AngelaBrett : NSCoder < Sex > { //I'm not a sex object, but I conform to the protocol
	/*please respect my encapsulation, and don't access my instance variables directly.
	Use the methods if you want this class to behave as expected.*/
	NSApplication *brettrix;
	NSApplication *apronyms;
	NSApplication *imageSizer;
	NSApplication *inTheZone;
	NSURL *homePage;
	NSURL *resume;
	NSURL *travelLog;
	NSURL *apronymsWebsite;
	NSURL *oldScientist;
	ABGroup *friends; //I haven't got around to making this display like a real ABGroup yet... the information itself is out ot date too. That's why there is no public method yet.
//Il y a dans l'etude de l'histoire deux écueils également dangereux : le premier, de n'avoir aucune méthode; et le second, de vouloir tout rapporter à un système particulier. -- Georges-Louis Leclerc
+ (AngelaBrett *)sharedAngelaBrett; //I'm a singleton
- (BOOL)sendEmail; //Opens a blank email to me in the default email client. May throw an ABCannedMeatException
- (NSArray *)photos;
- (NSString *)geekCode;
- (void)aboutBrettrix;
- (void)aboutApronyms;
- (void)aboutImageSizer;
- (void)aboutInTheZone;
- (void)openHomePage;
- (void)openResume;
- (void)openTravelLog;
- (void)openApronymsWebsite;
- (void)openOldScientist;